Who am I? JenniferGineros

I am an experimental home cook who is fearless in her little apartment kitchen. I love spicy everything, anything wrapped in a tortilla, homemade pasta and of course wine. I am most often watching the food network, I love a vegetarian dish that is still satisfying and unsuspecting to a meat eaters mouth and if I could choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life it would be mac n cheese.


TJWho is TJ?
TJ is my live in boyfriend, full time taste tester and sous chef. He is my number one supporter and contributor, often concocting his own meals on days I take off from blogging. TJ is better at making eggs than I am but tends to burn them if we’re making brunch for the Browns games on Sundays. He is learning to like spice, has kindly embraced a handful of meatless meals and is constantly trying to recreate a classic dish into something entirely different.



Who are we?

TJ and Jenn

Together we are creators. We are not afraid to take out the backbone of a chicken when the 17 year old butcher at the grocery store doesn’t know how. We search exotic food stores for the right ingredients. We love to try to cook meals we’ve never made before and we both pull our favorite flavors from our international travels. We currently live in the heart of it all, Columbus, Ohio, with an obscene amount of pots and pans and our favorite little kitten, Delilah.


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