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I love tools. I love gadgets. I love anything that can help me get even weirder in the kitchen. If you love new gadgets as well, check out the tools that I can’t live without.My Kitchen Tools |

1) Food Processor
Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel

I don’t know what I would do without my beautiful Cuisinart. Thanks to my food processor I can make pesto, tomato sauce, soup, salsa, or simply just chop up some nuts or veggies for a quick small dice. If you don’t have one, trust me, you need one.

2) Garlic Press
OXO SteeL Garlic Press, Stainless

I am obsessed with garlic. I add it to everything. Why? Because it makes everything better. Plain and simple. Thanks to my handy, dandy garlic press I can quickly mince up garlic for any meal.

3) Pampered Chef Tongs
The Pampered Chef Saute Tongs

Seriously. These are not your average tongs. They open and close as you tilt the handle upward or downward. When reaching with the tongs for your food, they open. When pulling your food up and over to your dish, they close. Sounds silly, but it is an added convenience in the kitchen.

4) TJ’s Calphalon Pan
Calphalon Unison Nonstick 12″ Omelette Pan & Cover

TJ received this pan as a Christmas gift one year, and we must use it 6/7 nights a week. It is a great size, easy to handle and requires no extra elbow grease for clean up. Plain and simple, this is our go-to pan.

5) Bacon Press
Fox Run Bacon Press

I didn’t know I needed one of these until I had one. It was a life changer. Not only does it allow me to have the crispiest bacon but it makes for a great panini press or to hold anything into place that you want a nice, serious sear on.

6) Grill Mat
BBQ Grill Mat (Set of 2)

Maybe you’ve seen this on TV. And maybe you thought, oh this is just another infomercial. But wait! This, my friends, will enhance your grilling more than you can imagine. You still get all your beautiful grill marks yet you don’t drip any juices to the bottom of your grill. I didn’t believe it until I tasted my first grilled chicken breast after using the grill mat. Grill flavor + extra juicy and tender = The only way I grill anymore.

7) Zester
Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

Because life without lemon zest is bland and boring. Don’t think you can just use the juice. And don’t try to use a big cheese grater like I used to do before I had this. It’s a major flavor booster and the perfect add on at the end of a meal. My fave: add a hint of lemon zest to sauteed mushrooms right before you take them off the heat.

8) Wine Aerator
Prodyne Wine Wand Automatic Wine Aerator with Stainless Steel Stand

What? Cooking tool? How’s this get in here? Oh right, because every meal deserves a nice glass of wine. Almost every night, I put on some music, pour myself a glass of wine and get cooking. And if you enjoy wine like I do, then you want this. Try a glass before aerating and then a glass after. Totally different glass of wine. Totally improved too.

9) Olive Oil Dispenser
Tablecraft Olive Oil Dispenser 16 Oz.

I use olive oil for practically every meal I cook. Ever. Using this dispenser is a quick and easy way to gently pour olive oil around my pans or over my meals. Plus it looks pretty on my counter so I keep it right next to my stove top for easy access.

10) Chef’s Knife
Kyocera Revolution Series 6-inch, Chef’s Santoku Knife, White Blade

We all need a good chef’s knife. Find one that’s right for you. Honestly, I own three different chef’s knives, two paring knives and a santoku knife. They all have their time and place for me and I love them all like babies. I own this ceramic one above and find it perfect for many things, but my favorite thing to use it for–slicing tomatoes! It takes a pristine knife to cut a perfect tomato slice.

I love acquiring new kitchen tools and gadgets. Anything that improves my meals or makes cooking more fun! If you have any recommendations for a product I should try, let me know!

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